Small Business Cash Flow Software

Reep for Small Business

“90% of all small business failures are due to cash flow problems!” *

Ensure your success with Reep: cash flow software for a thriving business.

If you’re struggling to understand your budget and cash flow, Reep is the answer. In just a few clicks, Reep imports your past financial data, creates an accurate budget and generates visual cash flow graphs. At a glance, see how your business is tracking and gain an intimate knowledge of your business financials. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.


Big Benefits for Small Business

  • Drive Your Business with Real-time Budgeting

    Drive Your Business with Real-time Budgeting

    Stop worrying whether you can cover costs or pay debts. Reep empowers you with an accurate budget built on real historical data. Instantly see seasonal trends while Reep’s red/green traffic lights alert you when your actuals are off budget. Take the driver’s seat, stay on track and correct course when necessary. With Reep you can steer your business towards success.

  • Prepare for Growth with Cash Flow Forecasting

    Prepare for Growth with Cash Flow Forecasting

    Wondering if your next idea will boom or bust? Whether you’re planning to buy new equipment, hire new staff or sell a franchise, Reep lets you test “what-if?” scenarios. With a full 1- to 5-year rolling cash flow forecast, you’ll make wise purchase decisions and seize opportunities with confidence.

  • Unlock Potential Profits with Expert Collaboration

    Unlock Potential Profits with Expert Collaboration

    Save money on meeting costs and expensive reports by inviting your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor to access your Reep data. Together you can collaborate to monitor cash flow, cut costs, boost turnover and harness new opportunities. With Reep it’s possible for your entire team to view your actuals vs. budget in real time, all while working remotely ‘in the cloud’.


Small Business Cash Flow Made Easy

“Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business” – it’s cliché because it’s truth. Even if overall profits are high, a mid-year cash flow crisis can sink your business. Imagine the stress of not being able to pay your staff. Reep drastically reduces the chance of cash flow failure. Here are just a few ways Reep helps small businesses stay afloat:

  • Eliminates cash flow worries. It’s the secret burden of small business owners: worrying about cash flow. When is the next bill due? Can we afford this month’s payroll What if clients don’t pay on time? Reep gives you a clear and accurate understanding of your cash flow so you can stop worrying.
  • Makes numbers easy. Reep’s visual interface and graphs make it easy for you to understand your financials, including seasonal patterns and trends in income and expenses. See your actuals vs. budget data at a glance. No more boring data entry or wrestling with spreadsheets.
  • Budgets Done For You! Simply click a button to create a new budget based on any previous year’s data. You can then tweak the numbers, increasing or decreasing budgeted items to suit expectations.
  • Risk management made simple. Built-in red/green traffic light colours display red when your actuals are worse than budgeted and green when your actuals are better. You can assess ‘red’ risk areas and take action the same day.
  • Equips your team for fast action. Reep’s collaboration feature makes it cost-effective for you to work with your accountant, bookkeeper and advisor on a more frequent basis. With shorter review cycles, your business becomes agile; you can quickly correct course and seize new opportunities.

See the Big Picture

Live Budget Dashboard

Instantly see the big picture with clear, easy-to-understand graphs.

Traffic-Light Budget vs. Actuals

See red when your actuals are worse than your budget and green when you’re going strong.

Easy Point and Click

Simply ‘point and click’ to update budgets and create cash flow forecasts using Reep’s intuitive user interface.

Anywhere, Anytime

View your data from any location, at any time, thanks to our cloud-based technology.

Seamless Integration

Quickly import all historical information from your existing accounting software (Agrimaster, MYOB, XERO).

Cost-Effective Collaboration

Invite your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor to access your data online.


How to Get Started

We invite you to join the growing number of small businesses who choose Reep for cash flow forecasting and risk management assistance. Simply contact us today to get started.