Reep for Accountants

From Accountant to Trusted Business Advisor with Reep

Discover How Cloud-Based Collaboration Expands Your Accounting Practice

Reep is the no-cost way to expand your role from accountant to trusted business advisor. Simply access your clients’ budget and cash flow forecasts using Reep’s online collaboration tools. After all, you have unrivalled insight into your clients’ financials; it make sense for you to offer advice and guidance regarding your clients’ cash flow, budgeting and overall operations.


Why Accountants Love Reep

  • It’s Free!

    It’s Free!

    Your client subscribes to Reep, but you access their data at no cost. Simply login to Reep’s online collaboration tool and view your clients’ latest data, including current cash flow and future ‘what-if’ scenarios. Data is always ‘in the cloud’ so you can view it anywhere, at any time.

  • New Revenue Streams

    New Revenue Streams

    Transform your service offering from transactional compliance tasks into high-level business advisory. Reep enables you to value add by offering services such as monthly consulting and project work. You’ll improve your clients’ businesses while creating new revenue of your own – it’s a true win-win!

  • Greater Job Satisfaction

    Greater Job Satisfaction

    Seeing a client’s business grow as a direct result of your advice and guidance is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Reep’s online collaboration tools allow you to advise with confidence, so you can go beyond number crunching and start making a real impact in the business world

Reep connects directly to your clients’ business accounting software. You can quickly set up a 1- to 5-year cash flow forecast with any of your existing clients.

Collaborative Cash Flow Software




Get the Reep Advantage

Reep’s collaborative online forecasting and budgeting software is the tool you need to transform your business from purely compliance-based accounting into a high-margin advisory firm.

  • Start new conversations. Reep’s visual tools reveal financial insights, helping you create new conversations that lead to exciting advisory and project work.
  • Increase client engagement. Armed with cash flow forecasts and budget vs. actuals data, you can work strategically with your clients on a deeper, less transactional level.
  • Shorten review cycles. Online collaboration eliminates the need for meetings and time-consuming reports, making it easy for you to add more frequent review cycles for every client. The end result is more timely advice and faster action when mitigating risk or seizing new opportunities.
  • Proactively offer advice. Powerful “what-if” scenario tools let you find new opportunities, identify risks and proactively advise your client on what’s best for their business.
  • Collaborate in the Cloud. Online, cloud-based software gives you access to your clients’ live data, anywhere, anytime.
  • Manage multiple clients. A central dashboard allows you to view client data in real time and easily switch from client to client at the click of a button.
  • Stay in the loop. Automatic notifications alert you when your client updates their budget. You can login to view changes and offer immediate advice when it’s needed most.