Live Budget Dashboard

Live Budget Dashboard

Connect online, anywhere, anytime. Stay up to date with real-time financial data at a glance.

Budget vs Actuals
Reep’s live budget dashboard gives you a real-time summary of your financial status. Using your current accounting data, the dashboard displays how well your business is performing. The simple graph brings certainty to your day, meaning you can stop worrying and focus on improving your business.

  • Gain peace of mind.

    Gain peace of mind.

    The dashboard’s instant summary of your budget and cash flow makes it easy for you to check up on your business every day. There’s no need to generate expensive reports or hire an accountant. Simply login and put your mind at ease.

  • See your budget vs. actuals.

    See your budget vs. actuals.

    With your actuals up to date, you’ll experience superior business tracking. The dashboard displays a beautiful visual graph comparing your actual cash flow, projected cash flow and net cash flow on one easy to read screen.

  • Know your projected cash flow and GST liability.

    Know your projected cash flow and GST liability.

    See how your real business cash flow compares to budgeted peaks and troughs, including projected GST liabilities for effective tax planning.

  • Identify problems early.

    Identify problems early.

    Waiting for quarterly accounting to alert you to potential problems is expensive and risky. Now you can quickly identify unexpected budget fluctuations and outliers inside your dashboard and nip problems in the bud.

  • Watch your business grow.

    Watch your business grow.

    Reep’s seamless integration with your accounting software means the live dashboard reflects your latest numbers. Watch your business grow on a daily basis.


Take the financial worry out of your day. Login to your own live budget dashboard today!