Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

A helicopter view of your past performance.

Financial health check

Reep’s Financial Health Check gives you a graphical overview of your historical cash flow and performance to-date in a single dashboard. The visual layout lets you quickly identify trends and cycles, making it easy to spot outliers and unexpected fluctuations.

  • Visual cash flow summary

    Visual cash flow summary

    Beautiful graphs offer historical cash flow insights at a glance. This visual clarity enhances data sharing, encourages discussion and simplifies boardroom reviews.

  • Expense breakdown and analysis tools

    Expense breakdown and analysis tools

    Looking to improve cash flow or free up cash? Dashboard tools allow you to zoom in and analyse timeframes and income/expense categories. Drill down to discover your best and worst performing months and highlight overspending.

  • Clear trend identification

    Clear trend identification

    Simple line graphs make it easy to identify trends, including product cycles and seasonal patterns, enabling you to forward plan and make better decisions.

  • Effortless reporting

    Effortless reporting

    Next to zero effort is needed to update your Financial Health Check dashboard. Simply import your latest actuals data and your dashboard is instantly updated. There’s no need to meet with an accountant or pay for expensive reports.

  • High frequency cash flow monitoring

    High frequency cash flow monitoring

    Instant low-cost reporting enables you to implement more regular cash flow reviews into your strategic planning process.

5 Business Performance Charts in a Single Dashboard

Health Check Summary

Use this high-level financial performance report to assess your overall net cash flow, overall income and expense, and the month’s lowest balance.
Monthly Net Cash Flow Chart
Discover how your business’s cash flow is distributed over time.
Cumulative Cash Flow Position
Select specific categories and/or timeframes to drill down transactions and view their distribution over time.
Category Cash Flow
See the cash flow performance in each of your business categories and how they compare.
Top Expense and Income
Explore the top 5 income and expense items within your selected timeframe.


Every business can benefit from a financial health check. See how your business is performing with Reep. Get started today, contact us today for more information.