Collaborative Sharing

Collaborative Sharing

Working with your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor becomes cost-effective and efficient with cloud-based collaboration.

Like a personal trainer for your business, an expert advisor can significantly accelerate your financial results. Thanks to cloud-based technology, it’s never been easier to collaborate with advisors, including your accountant, bookkeeper or business coach. Advisors can login online and access your data from anywhere at anytime, eliminating the need for time-consuming meetings and expensive reports.


  • Better business advice.

    Better business advice.

    Whether you need a quick check-up or weekly reviews, you can invite experts to login at any time from any location to give you the advice you need. With Reep’s collaborative sharing feature you can afford to ask for expert advice more frequently.

  • Access a single source of truth.

    Access a single source of truth.

    When you collaborate with advisors through Reep, you can be assured that everyone is viewing the exact same, up-to-date information because it’s all stored in a single, cloud-based database.

  • Save time and money.

    Save time and money.

    With a simple login, your team can access all the information they need. No more preparing separate spreadsheets, emailing documents for review or generating expensive reports. Your entire process becomes more efficient and cost-effective, with reduced travel time and no need for meetings.

Invite team members with ease.

From your Reep dashboard, you can share your budget with your team and expert advisors. Simply enter an email address and the recipient will be notified. They can then login and view your budget, seeing exactly what you see. Discover how collaboration can make your life easier.

There’s no need to struggle through business alone. Get your experts involved with Reep collaborative sharing. Contact us today to get started.