Budget vs. Actuals

Budget vs. Actuals Overlay

Stay in the black with Reep’s red/green traffic light system.


Take control of your budget with Reep’s built-in Budget vs. Actuals feature. Using live actuals data, the clever red/green traffic light overlay helps you keep a close eye on your spending, displaying red when your actuals are worse than budgeted and green when your actuals are better. It’s never been easier to keep track of your spending.

  • Analyse live actuals data

    Analyse live actuals data

    See your Budget vs. Actuals traffic lights in real time. Using live data, you can ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to tweak your budget for better results.

  • Compare with a single click

    Compare with a single click

    All it takes is a single click to activate Reep’s Budget vs. Actuals feature. Over-budget items are highlighted in red, signifying an at-risk area needing immediate attention. On-target or under-budget items are displayed in green. It’s an old-school ‘variance report’ made easy.

  • Take fast corrective action

    Take fast corrective action

    Instant red/green highlighters mean you don’t need to waste valuable time analysing numbers. Instead, you can focus your time where it’s needed most: correcting red at-risk items.

Proactively manage risks

In the past, budget blowouts were often left unnoticed until quarterly or annual accounting discovered the problem. Now you can afford to run frequent reports to identify red highlighted items. You can plan, prioritise, adjust your spending and take early intervention before any damage is done.

Keep your business out of the red. Take control with Reep – contact us today for more information.