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Why I’m Participating in the CEO Sleepout 2017

Every night across Australia more than 105,000 Australians experience homelessness.

This statistic is both shocking and preventable.

One of the common misconceptions in regards to homelessness is that it mainly affects middle-aged or older men when in fact, 60% of the homeless population are under 35. Of those, 44% are women.

The CEO Sleepout raises crucial funds for the Vinnies homeless ser


2 heads are better than 1: Why working together works

Is collaboration a core part of operations at your small business? A new report by Deloitte for Google estimates that collaboration has a net value add to the Australian economy of $46 billion dollars.

Yet 30 per cent of respondents to Deloitte’s survey still said they desired more collaboration in their organisation.

Whether small businesses are hesitant to introduce collaborative systems to their organisations because of a lack of time, knowledge or r


The Connected Practice

No matter the size of your accounting firm, it’s now easier than ever before to become a ‘connected practice’.

‘Connected practice’ is a relatively new industry buzzword, but it essentially refers to an accountancy firm that leverages the automation tools now available in transaction processing and compliance to take on a business advisory role.

With advances in cloud computing technology and partnerships between accounting software providers an