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We’re excited to announce; Reep now integrates with MYOB AccountRight Live!

MYOB customers are now able to create a collaborative cash flow budget with their advisor to manage cash flow risk and forecast for future growth.

Reep provides Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Advisors with:

  • Advisory Framework – Focusing on cash flow; Reep is a simple tool that enables every client regardless of size to become an advisory client.
  • Increased client engagement – Reep provides the ability to engage strategically with your clients at a deeper, less transactional level using existing accounting data.
  • A real-time, proactive advice offering – Through on-line sharing, Reep gives you live access to current and future states of your clients’ business. This allows you to find opportunities and be proactive and ask questions – don’t wait for the problem to arise, fix it before it happens.
  • A conversation starter – Reep helps you create the conversations that lead to advisory and project work to help your clients grow or forecast for the future.
  • On-line collaboration – Reep is client-centric software that has been designed with simplicity and collaboration in mind to assist advisors and clients in collaborating and addressing issues when they arise, at the time when risks can be mitigated and opportunities seized.
  • Revenue – Reep is the logical bridge between compliance and consultancy using existing accounting data to build business advisory for practices struggling to expand their service offering.
  • Cash flow – Reep software, combined with the Reep Advisory Cycle provides advisory cash flow to be as reliable as compliance work, adding value to your clients every month.

Reep gives you the power to ask the right questions. Don’t ask your clients what they want, help them discover what they need.


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Next Steps

As we enter the new financial year, it’s the perfect time to talk to your clients about assisting them with their cash flow management

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Do you have multiple clients that could benefit from using Reep?
Not a problem, you can have multiple budgets shared with you. Our goal is to make Reep your one-stop budget dashboard, so you can manage all of your client’s budgets in one place.


Do you have clients on alternate accounting systems?
Tell us which system and we’ll keep you informed.